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Top 10 Play-to-Earn NFT Games

The top NFT games that you should watch out for

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the livelihood of every person in the world has been severely affected. Many of us lost our jobs, businesses started closing their physical stores and shifted to online selling, amusement parks and social gatherings were prohibited, etc. People had no choice but to go digital. Online classes, work-from-home setup, and online stores became the adaptive response of people who cannot geographically interact with one another. The rise of Non-fungible token (NFT) projects, particularly NFT games and the utility of cryptocurrencies have also remarkably caught the attention of the masses during the pandemic. This season of our lives paved the way for NFT games to open thousands of opportunities for people to earn while playing their games.

NFTs are non-interchangeable digital assets that are stored in a specific blockchain. They may be in the form of a photo, video, artwork, document, or even games. Today we shall identify the ten most influential NFT games that enticed people all over the internet, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Axie Infinity

You cannot skip Axie Infinity when you talk about the most popular NFT games to date. The Pokemon-inspired turn-based game series that utilizes blockchain technology has become so popular, particularly in the Philippines, where people earn a decent amount of income just by playing the game. The Axie Infinity trend exploded all over social media platforms as it has amassed $485 million since July 2021.

Image from Axie Infinity Twitter

How does it work?

To start playing this game, you need to invest and purchase 3 Axies; these are digital pets that you will use in either the adventure or arena game modes. You will be competing with other players, and for every win, you will receive SLP (Axie’s native ERC-20 utility token) as a reward. SLPs can be traded for real money currency or be used to breed the new generation of Axies.


A collectible NFT card game lets you earn through winning card match-ups and by trading or leasing your cards. If you’ve played similar trading card games before like Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Hearthstone, this one is perfect for you.

Image from Splinterlands Twitter

How does it work?

To start playing Splinterlands, you need to invest and buy your first set of cards. If you are lucky enough, you can gain rare cards on your first purchased pack of cards. Each card has its own specific stats, mana costs, abilities, etc. These cards can also be sold in exchange for cryptocurrencies. By gradually learning the game’s mechanics, you can participate in the adventure mode to earn more cards or even PVP battles to challenge other Splinterlands players.

Gods Unchained

Just like Splinterlands, you can also earn here by trading your cards. Gods Unchained is a free-to-play NFT game where you can gain cards by trading or winning on a PVP fight.

Image from Gods Unchained Twitter

How does it work?

In this game, you need to defeat other players by making their life points drop to zero. Winning a PVP match-up will let you receive game experience; the higher your level gets, the more cards you will gain.

The Sandbox 3D

Sandbox is a 3D open-world NFT game where you can build your virtual land and NFT assets that can be traded or sold to other players. The game’s mechanics are somewhat similar to Minecraft or Roblox, where you are free to craft anything that you can imagine.

Image from The Sandbox Twitter

How does it work?

To earn SAND (ERC-20 token), you need to build objects using the platform’s tools and later sell them to the marketplace. These tokens may also be used to purchase more lands and assets in the Sandbox metaverse that will allow a player to expand his territory and make more NFT assets.

Samurai Doge

A battle-packed artistic NFT game where you get your own unique Samurai Doge. Every Doge is unique and has its own weapons, armor, facial attributes, gender, emotion, and accessories

Image from Samurai Doge Twitter

How does it work?

Samurai Doge is like any other adventure game where you will need to purchase your own Samurai Doge unit to participate in the game’s battlefield. Just by holding a Samurai Doge, will be able to earn Honor ($HON) tokens every day. You may also challenge other players to earn more $HON tokens that may be used to breed more Samurai Doges or purchase merchandise and in-game items.

Battle Racers

Battle Racers is a NFT game inspired by Super Mario Kart. This game will let you create your battle car and compete with other players.

Image from Battle Racers Twitter

How does it work?

Players have to combine different materials and weapons to craft their own Battle Racer that will compete with other players. Each part has its own stats and skills that are needed for battle. The competition won’t be all about speed as you may utilize your built weapons to take down your enemies while on the race. Earn rewards by tokenizing your car to a NFT that is permanently recorded on the blockchain and by winning competitive tracks.


The classic snake game heavily influenced Cryptosnake. This blockchain-based game provides an opportunity for players to create a personalized crypto-snake based on NFT token running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As the snake becomes more pumped, the higher APR rate you will receive.

Image from CryptoSnake Twitter

How does it work?

You need to grow your snake by feeding it with tokens scattered around the playing field. You can also grow your snake by using real money currency and eventually earn more money in the future. A growing snake leads to increased profitability for crypto staking.

Neon District

A cyberpunk role-playing adventure NFT game where you can earn Neon tokens by creating and setting up your team to deliver Neon Pizzas.

Image from Neon District Twitter

How does it work?

It is required to purchase and collect gear equipment before engaging in combat. Players are given 1 free character, 300 Neon, and 5 juices to start their journey. The resources provided will be enough for players to avail three additional characters that will make their first team. Dispatch your team in the Neon District to deliver pizza and earn Neon tokens in return. They may also choose to challenge other players by ambushing them. If successful, the game will also reward the player with Neon tokens. These tokens may be used to purchase in-game items or be traded with other cryptocurrencies.

Gold Fever

A survival role-playing adventure game where you need to wander complex landscapes and battle other players to mine gold and receive NGL (the game’s native token).

Image from Gold Fever Twitter

How does it work?

You can play alone or work as a team to scout rainforests and mine gold whenever it is available. Tribal wars will be available for survivors to either attack other players’ mining posts or defend their mining territories. Players will earn NGL tokens as rewards for defeating opposing factions. These tokens may be used to buy, sell or rent NFT items and services in the game’s marketplace that will make the mining of NGL tokens easier.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a battle-packed fantasy-themed play to earn mobile NFT game where you need to pass adventure challenges either alone or with the help of your friends. The game is free to play, but players are also given the option to purchase and choose hero classes and equipment to aid them in their journey.

Image from Guild of Guardians Twitter

How does it work?

The game will focus on the PvE (people versus environment) aspect. Travel alongside other players to battle monsters and bosses in different dungeons and take home ample rewards and Gems, the game’s currency. Like other NFT games, players will have a chance to collect rare game items or materials by grinding. Though you may buy items in the game that will aid your journey, you’ll still have to put effort to make your hero stronger. These items can be crafted into different equipment and be sold to the marketplace for profit.


Gone are the days that video games were played just for fun. Play-to-earn NFT games will be the future of gaming. From here on out, more and more NFT games will emerge. Just a friendly reminder, always do a background check on the game’s whitepaper, development team, and sponsors. It’s best to commit to something that will duly reward your efforts and hard work. Good luck out there, and may you have a wonderful NFT gaming experience!

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